The Best Restaurants for Pilots in a Hurry

If you are a pilot, you get to go to a lot of interesting places, and I am certain you can even find really good restaurants wherever you are. But what if you are in a hurry, or can’t leave the airport, should you just surrender yourself to airplane food or the stuff from the vending machine? NO! You should not! Though I can’t assure you that you will be able to visit the following restaurants, you might be able to find one similar in the airport you are at, the point of this article is to tell you to give the airport restaurants a shot, and you might find a diamond in the rough. So here are a few of the best airport restaurants pilots in a hurry could enjoy.


So let’s start out with the breakfast, because it is the most important meal of the day! For breakfast the best place to eat at is “Nancy’s Air Field Café”, if you want me to recommend something I just have to say try anything, they all look great (plating) and of course they taste great! Unfortunately for you this wonderful little café is only at Massachusetts’ Minute Man Air Field Airport, and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so for you to have the best airport breakfast, you have to be at the right place at the right time.

We’ve talked about breakfast so it’s time to talk about the best place to have L-Pizza! You thought I was going to say lunch right? Well… Pizza can be lunch, it can even be breakfast or dinner, or all three if you want! Pizza is just the best! And the best airport pizza is at “The Downwind Café”, don’t expect it to be like a chucky cheese though, it’s actually quite an ambient place. And if you don’t feel like pizza they also serve a pretty good burger, among other tasty stuff, for the burger though I recommend the sloppy pig (the name of the burger). The café can be found at Spruce Creek Airport in Port Orange, Florida so if you are ever there, you know where to get a really good pizza and a pretty good burger. Oh before I forge they are closed on Mondays.

Okay now for the best airport Pie… What? You want to know where to eat dinner? I don’t care where you eat dinner! What I do care about though is how good Spruce Goose Café’s pies are, so good you can skip your dinner and just eat a couple servings of their pie. Try everything from their apple pie to their cream pie… and the other pies too, cream and apple were the only pies I got to taste. The café can be found at Jefferson County International Airport.


These three airport restaurants show us how they could be really good at making a particular thing or particular meal. This does not mean that they are the only airport restaurant that serve decent food, give your airport restaurants a shot, it might just be your new favorite place to eat at!


Worst Spot to Eat

I’m not in the habit to ruin any restaurant names, so I will not say the place’s name unless someone contacts me privately about it. But let me ask you this “What is worse than finding a worm in an apple?” Wait, did you think I was going to tell you a timeworn joke? NO, the answer to that question is finding a cockroach in an apple pie!

Last week I went to this place that seemed like it’s bound for demolition for a quick coffee and something sweet for the afternoon, and that happened to me. Luckily enough I found it before putting a piece in my mouth and was calm enough not to cause a ruckus. I calmly called the waitress, and she was in shock, she asked if I already had a bite to eat and asked if she could get me something else. I told her to get a Pest Control Company Utica to clean out the place and to take the pie out of the menu. It might have been my duty as a citizen to report this but with it being run by two elderly couple, I refrained and told them to get everything fixed, and I’ll be back sometime the next month. I heard the temporarily closed for the time being and might be transferring to a different location, so I’ll check them out then. If things are still terrible, I won’t hesitate to post their name online and notify the health department.

Excellent Dining Experience At The Salt Lake City Airport

Did you know that the Salt Lake City International Airport is a food destination in itself? Well, you will never expect what you will see when you arrive at the airport. From just a few concessionaires several years ago, the dining scene at the airport developed and is booming now.

In fact, I restaurant hop here before I head home to my humble abode in Utah. Just look at some of the impressive restaurant selections that you can enjoy while at the airport.

Location Restaurant/Cafe Specialties
Concourse B Cat Cora’s Kitchen Cockail and Tapas
French Meadow Bakery Sandwiches, salads, soups and various bakery goods
Concourse C Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta Salads, pizzas and pasta
Squatters Airport Pub Ales and Lager
Concourse C, Concourse E UFood Grill Non-fried Burgers, fries, sirloin tips, wraps, salads and paninis
Concourse D Il Viaggio Salads, paninis, pizza, and pasta dishes
Manchu Wok Fast and fresh Chinese cuisine
Smashburger Burgers
Concourse E High West Distillery Great Rocky Mountain Whiskey, along with specialty food and cocktails.
Between Concourse D and Concourse E Vino Volo Ale House Wine and beer from local and foreign
Terminal One Gordon Biersch Brewery Handcrafted beer and american menu with bold international flavors
Terminal One (Pre-Security) Red Onion Sandwiches, wraps, snacks and beverages
Terminal Two Market Street Grill Seafoods
Terminal One Food Court Pei Wei Noodles and rice bowls
Terminal Two Food Court Cafe Rio Mexican hand-made tortillas
Terminal Two Food Court Greek Souvlaki Greek Gyros

My personal favorite is the High West Distillery. I am pleased that they opened shop at the airport so that I do not have to go far to have my fill of the Great Rocky Mountain whiskey after a long, tiring flight. I do not have to worry about going home because my wife always picks me up.

I suddenly remembered the moment when she almost couldn’t pick me up due to spilled pasta sauce on her beloved carpet. She called me frantically, and out of panic, she forgot to call our trusted commercial carpet cleaner.

She set an appointment, and it only took a few hours for the carpet cleaners to arrive and remove the mess. I did not even notice the time passed already when my wife called me to announce that she has reached the airport to pick me up. Efficient carpet cleaners are really a blessing to on-the-go couples like us.

I am truly proud that the Salt Lake City Airport has already achieved a level that could match the dining scene in other major airports in the United States such as the JFK, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

Years ago, when you arrive the airport, expect to eat the usual dull airport food. Now, it is like arriving in a downtown mall that offers dining and shopping options. If you have an outbound flight from Salt Lake City, I suggest that you come much earlier than your check-in time so that you can explore what this great airport could offer. Please click on this link for more information on dining and shopping choices at the Salt Lake City airport.

How to Spot the Best Airport Restaurants in Fresno

Air flights are very enjoyable when it only takes you several hours before you get to your destination, but these could get wearisome and tiring when they turn out to be 16-hour trips or so. Airlines do provide meals for their passengers especially during day trips, but what about the stewards and pilots? The crew can get their meals in between their walks to and fro the plane, but how do the pilots eat when they are responsible for flying their passengers to the designated location? In reality, pilots do eat in flight, but they do not really get to eat a lot until they land in the airport. Once they finish their work, they usually go to the best restaurant they could find nearby so that they can get their own fix of decent meals. Unfortunately, they do not have a lot of time to find one, so here are a few tips on how to spot the cream of the crop:

  • It caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. One thing about airport restaurants is that they have to consider the different nationalities that come and go in the airport. It would be impossible to make food from all types of cuisines, but a wide array of these can be very helpful to people who want to stick with their own tastes. Also, people’s choices regarding the formality of dining will vary, so a great restaurant can cater from fast food to fine dining.
  • The food is fresh and healthy. The customers usually have limited time to stop by for a meal, but the restaurant stays in their location, so they should be the ones to be responsible for fresh and healthy food. Their meals would contain as little preservative or artificial flavoring as possible, and the service crew would be responsible with the food’s cleanliness and non-contamination.
  • The service crew are very friendly and unprejudiced. As said above, a restaurant’s clients will be of different nationalities and religions, so the best crew would always be careful and sensitive to not offend anyone. For example, Muslims do not eat food that is not labelled “halal,” so unblessed meat will not be the best suggestion for them. Also, a great service crew would not speak of sexist or racist remarks because of the same reason.
  • The location is free from dust, mold, and pests. A great NPM GREEN PROS - Fresno Pest Controlrestaurant is careful not to let the food, tools, and location itself get contaminated, thus rigorous cleaning and maintenance are observed any time of the day. Glass windows are polished, tables and chairs are wiped, floors are mopped and swept, utensils are clean and dust-free, cloth napkins and table sheets are washed, counters and sinks are cleaned, walls and equipment are mold-free, and pests are non-existent. In case of pest infestation, the restaurant would immediately call professional exterminators to do the job as soon as possible, because pests are bad for business especially that they are handling food.
  • The location is easy to spot for newcomers. Airports will contain various restaurants within, but the best ones are usually easy to spot so that the guests will not have to use up more time to find a decent meal, especially if it is their first time to visit the airport.

A Chiropractor in a Restaurant Filled with Pilots

A few months ago I went to a pretty good restaurant near the Las Vegas Airport, this was an unusual year for me as it was the first year I was officially a chiropractor. I came to sin city to enjoy myself while visiting an old friend who graduated before me, he had contacted me earlier and told me to come by so that we could celebrate my graduation somewhere fun.  I stopped by the restaurant to get a bite to eat, having missing breakfast to make my flight, but instead of finding a late breakfast, I found myself a patient.

Just as I entered the building I found that there was a bit of commotion going on at one of the booths. It was a man having trouble with his back, after observing I learned that the gentleman threw his back. The concerned waitress had suggested for him to go to a doctor and looked around the restaurant as if asking if anyone there was one. But at a place like that, all they had was a room filled with tourists and pilots.


Is There a Chiropractor in the House!?

Chiropractors are medical professionals, but unlike Physicians, we hardly ever have a chance to be the guy who says their profession in a heroic way, and given the situation, I took the once in a lifetime chance to do so. As I said “I’m a chiropractor” the face of the man in pain showed a glimmer of hope, but if a person is in so much pain, of course they would seek the help of anyone who might be able to alleviate it.

After assessing, it was clear that it wasn’t dangerous to move him, nor was it necessary to send him to the hospital. There was little that I could do for him there so I gave my college a call, and told him that I would be heading to his clinic with a patient. You might imagine it was like some sort of ER drama series type of call, but unfortunately it was actually quite an ordinary call.


At the Clinic

chiropractor-clincSo after an awkward taxi ride with a man I just met, and following confusing directions to the clinic, we were able to reach my friend’s office. When we opened the door, we were greeted by my friend and his assistant, and were told the table was ready for us, as if it was one of those hospital dramas, though the case was nothing dramatic or cool.

After the “Procedure” or rather therapy, the man stood up and shook my hand, thanking me for “Miraculously” fixing his back. He asked how much he owed me, but I told him that there was no need, as the whole interesting event was payment enough, I imagined that not many chiropractors would ever experience something like that in their careers.

He thanked me again and told me that “I will tell all my friends how Las Vegas chiropractors treated my back pain” and that he would refer everyone in his friends to that clinic.



If there is one thing I learned in my experience, it’s that you should do all you procedures in your own clinic, that way you get the referrals.

You Are In Charge Of Your Company’s Success

bright idea crossed my mindThere is absolutely no business or enterprise that may be managed with no capital accessible. Generally, professionals for example accountants and lawyer don’t have the required expertise an organization sales expert does to value your organization. Hearing viewpoints of other experienced small business professionals may result in you learning how exactly to enhance your profits, reduce small business expenditures, attract more customers, etc.. Taking these steps let you look after your company shipping effectively and efficiently for many years to come. In the event the managers don’t offer powerful tools or required training, then employee performance is certain to be affected.You’re probably fantastic at finding thoughts and solutions, and could well be intuitive. Make a superb impression on everyone there. Write everything down, not only really important things, not merely business things and not only what’s convenient.  I strongly disagree with online marketing people who say you can run a small business in just about any niche. In the past couple of years the world wide web has also experienced the boom of home-based business, with web marketing. The best way to circumvent this problem will be not to spend all your money on one trade. Employ an expert to offer your organization. You are going to spend less as well as a great bundle of hassle.

business seminar

Business is all about earning money. Your company won’t be booming in a brief time. Finally, this can help you increase traffic and sales! It is here which you can list your website, find your clients and pull in the profits. As an investor and also a coach are getting an increasing number of questions concerning short sales with banks.

Developments inside your company includes introduction of a recent service or product. These should be related to business days. Ideally, one needs to begin preparing to sell the small business the day they begin the business enterprise! Prospective buyers will soon be conducting walk-throughs and you would like to earn a fantastic impression. The utilization of skills or skills application. When working, it’s so simple to only sit and work with no break. Not merely can it save you time, but it’ll equip you with the confidence that the model works and you’re able to test out different financial scenarios easily. If a poor day occurs, don’t despair. Eat well, several times within the day. Pick a morning activity you enjoy so you’re able to appreciate the start of every day. In other words you’re in charge.