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Snow boots are not suitable for children

The deformity of the foot, such as Bian Pingzu, the inside and outside of the foot, walking in the eight characters, these deformities we think are more determined by some innate factors. It is not caused by the days of wearing shoes.

Although it is not suitable for children to wear snow boots, but we can not “one stick to kill”, because after all, the snow boots can keep warm, and there are anti-skid design, conducive to some activities in the snow. What kind of snow boots for children to wear, we recommend the following, first of all, the model is moderate, second best shoes can be limited to the foot, third soles are soft and moderate, fourth, it is better not to have heel. ”

Experts also point out that such standards apply to other children’s shoes. Then we can not help asking, is it equally strict for adults to choose snow boots?

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