Eat, Fly, Love

If you are a pilot traveling all over the world because of your job, flying commercial or for cargo companies, it is important for you to experience the food of the places you visit. If not then why are you traveling all over the world for (aside from it being your job).It is essential to experience everything you can when you have an opportunity as such. The whole point of traveling is to explore the world and experience the things it can offer you, within reason of course. One of these things is food, something everyone in the world enjoys! I have never heard of a country whose culture includes NOT enjoying food. So to help you start out I will give you a few places you need to try, I’ll make this list based on how busy a country’s airport is, that way the likelihood of you visiting these places are slightly high.


1.) Bone’s Restaurant

According to my research, Atlanta, Georgia has the busiest airport in the world, so number one is really close to home, at least for me that is, and luckily enough one of the best places to get really good steak is here, and that palace is  Bone’s Restaurant. The restaurant serves American classics that would make you shout from the bottom of your heart “M’ERIKA!!”

2.) Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

This one is in Beijing, and let me tell you, the Chinese makes a roasted duck like no other. You think you grandma at the farm cooked it perfectly? I am sure she did, but getting one from Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant, is just amazing! Prepare your taste buds as you will experience a taste that is just so… well let’s say you’ll want to shout it out loud, how delicious it is, but you can’t because it would be rude.

3.) Dubai

It’s a bit hard to choose a restaurant here, too good and you’ll be broke. So I will recommend two options, one is any restaurant in the more posh part of the city ( I recommend Thiptara) or two the more economical yet delicious places like Hafsah at Abu Shagara or Canara Restaurant at Al Karama. Your pick really either have good food, the city of Dubai offers many options that are mostly all delicious.

4.) Tokyo

Much like Dubai, Tokyo have a lot of great places to eat, though picking what is known to be the best one would mean a paying a bill worth a small fortune, but the good thing is tipping is not allowed there. But if I really have to pick I will choose either of the following that are in the opposite sides of the spectrum. For a more budgeted meal choose any small restaurants, you will experience the taste of japan in budget mode (I know not very exciting), but if you really have money to spend go for Hakushu restaurant. Some might say otherwise but to me they cook really good Kobe beef, if you haven’t have one yet, this is the perfect place to go to.

5.) Any pizza Place in Chicago

Chicago has the fifth busiest airport in the world, so you might be around there. I haven’t been there much but I heard that pizza there is pretty good, bring some home if you can for the family.

Well that’s it! Have a good one!