The Best Restaurants for Pilots in a Hurry

If you are a pilot, you get to go to a lot of interesting places, and I am certain you can even find really good restaurants wherever you are. But what if you are in a hurry, or can’t leave the airport, should you just surrender yourself to airplane food or the stuff from the vending machine? NO! You should not! Though I can’t assure you that you will be able to visit the following restaurants, you might be able to find one similar in the airport you are at, the point of this article is to tell you to give the airport restaurants a shot, and you might find a diamond in the rough. So here are a few of the best airport restaurants pilots in a hurry could enjoy.


So let’s start out with the breakfast, because it is the most important meal of the day! For breakfast the best place to eat at is “Nancy’s Air Field Café”, if you want me to recommend something I just have to say try anything, they all look great (plating) and of course they taste great! Unfortunately for you this wonderful little café is only at Massachusetts’ Minute Man Air Field Airport, and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so for you to have the best airport breakfast, you have to be at the right place at the right time.

We’ve talked about breakfast so it’s time to talk about the best place to have L-Pizza! You thought I was going to say lunch right? Well… Pizza can be lunch, it can even be breakfast or dinner, or all three if you want! Pizza is just the best! And the best airport pizza is at “The Downwind Café”, don’t expect it to be like a chucky cheese though, it’s actually quite an ambient place. And if you don’t feel like pizza they also serve a pretty good burger, among other tasty stuff, for the burger though I recommend the sloppy pig (the name of the burger). The café can be found at Spruce Creek Airport in Port Orange, Florida so if you are ever there, you know where to get a really good pizza and a pretty good burger. Oh before I forge they are closed on Mondays.

Okay now for the best airport Pie… What? You want to know where to eat dinner? I don’t care where you eat dinner! What I do care about though is how good Spruce Goose Café’s pies are, so good you can skip your dinner and just eat a couple servings of their pie. Try everything from their apple pie to their cream pie… and the other pies too, cream and apple were the only pies I got to taste. The café can be found at Jefferson County International Airport.


These three airport restaurants show us how they could be really good at making a particular thing or particular meal. This does not mean that they are the only airport restaurant that serve decent food, give your airport restaurants a shot, it might just be your new favorite place to eat at!