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Different colors snow boots have different cleaning methods

The right way to clean is to use clean sponge brush or soft brush to clean the whole shoe surface evenly and evenly. A fine wool toothbrush can also be used to help the cleaning process. Once the shoes are washed and cleaned, the snow boots can be put into the washing machine for a few minutes to dry away to remove excess moisture from the boots.

Use cold water or warm water to wet snowshoe shoes, but do not soak too much. It is very important not to use hot water to clean it, because that will reduce the stickiness of the shoe soles and damage the natural flexibility of the skin, thus causing the soles to gum and the shoe body to shrink.

Clean and dry boots can be combined with waterproof spray to enhance the water resistance of boots. Once the boots are fully nursing, the special fluff can be used to brush one direction and brush the surface of the shoes to help restore the natural and smooth texture of the natural villi.

Snow boots need to place natural dry, remember not to use the dryer or to let boots in the sun under the sun. When dry, please put the sole up, stand up the whole shoe, the shoes will be dry in one or two days, you will find, once the shoes are completely dry, shoes will shrink less, do not worry, this is normal.

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