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Nearly 70% snow boots manufacturers have their own trademarks

According to statistics, there are more than 1000 snowshoe manufacturers in China, with an output value exceeding 5 billion yuan, mainly in Zhenjiang, Zhejiang, Wenzhou and Guangdong Guangzhou in Jiangsu. Jiangsu province is a large province of snow boots production, especially Zhenjiang Gaoqiao Town is known as “the hometown of Chinese snow boots”. Most of the production enterprises in the province are concentrated in the town or the surrounding villages and towns. There are more than 400 production enterprises in the town and 11 thousand of the employees, and the total population of the high bridge is about 21 thousand, and the annual production of all kinds of snow boots products is about 10000000 pairs. The total output value is about 1 billion 500 million yuan, and the snow boots industry is the pillar industry of Gaoqiao.

Xiao Qijun asked Snow Boots manufacturers, first of all, must strictly check the acceptance of goods, can not reduce the cost and use of raw materials that do not meet the standard requirements. Secondly, to strengthen the standard of learning, the standard is the root of production, not according to the standard production of unqualified products, not only infringes the rights and interests of consumers, but more important is the quality of the enterprise product, the reputation of the enterprise has a great impact. He suggested that enterprises should organize special training, organize production enterprise representatives and quality leaders to concentrate on learning the standards of snow boots and related standards; organize production personnel to study by enterprises, and random check the familiarity of the production personnel to the standard.

In addition, the army also suggested that enterprises continue to adjust the production process, update production equipment, increase personnel training, through self inspection or inspection means to confirm their product quality. If possible, it can also train a manager who understands the technology and understand the quality. By improving the quality consciousness and management level of the enterprise manager, the quality of the product can be improved, and the problem products do not come out and the product of the factory is no problem. At the same time, he also said that at present, a large part of the snow boots in Gaoqiao Town has own trademark, which is only the first step. He also suggested that in the process of production and operation, the gold sign of “the hometown of Chinese snow boots” is becoming brighter and brighter by increasing the quality of the product and adding the value added to the product.

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