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Will you wear snow boots for the whole winter?

In winter, warm, skid and comfortable snow boots have become the standard of many girls. At the same time, the Internet also spread many claims that wearing snow boots disabled, such as snow boots will lead to eight characters, arch collapse, foot deformity, high and low feet…… Does snow boots really have such a great harm?

On the snow boots for a long time to wear the cripple, the Internet is based on the materials both inside and outside the snow boots are very soft, the internal space is relatively large, after wearing the foot in the inside will slide, because the feet slide back and forth, the joints inside the feet will be worn. Thus the Domino domino effect: the ankle in the wrong position, the femur will also change the position, the movement in the pelvic bone will be abnormal, which will cause problems in the back, and this will cause irreversibly damage to the body in the past.

Huang Guangmin, the chief physician of the Institute of sports medicine of the State General Administration of sports, said that the snow boots were flat, soft and loose. From the principles of Medical Department of orthopedics, long wearing boots were likely to cause problems such as the strain of the tendons of the feet, but the possibility of disability was relatively small. On the Internet, it is said that snowy boots wear too long and will change into eight feet and arch collapse. In fact, all these are rumors. These diseases are mostly congenital and have nothing to do with shoes.

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