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Is the baby fit to wear snow boots?

The design of the snow boots is usually more hypertrophy. The baby’s feet will slide in the shoe when walking, and every step of the road will disperse along the foot. Long wear will cause certain damage to the fascia and soft tissue of the baby’s foot.

Snow boots sole is usually flat, the baby about 1 years old has just learned to walk, it is very easy to wrestle after wearing, 1~3 year old baby arch is still in the development stage, need a certain height of the heel to support, otherwise, the arch will lose support, the long time may cause flat foot.

The boots and boots of snow boots usually have a lot of soft and thick fur. The uneven feet will not only affect the development of baby’s feet. In addition, the baby is lively and dynamic, the foot is easy to sweat, and the cuticle of the 1~3 year old baby is thinner, the muscle is more water, the long time wearing and hard snow boots is more likely to cause the baby’s foot discomfort.

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