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Young children are not suitable for wearing snow boots

As the temperature dropped, snow boots began to be everywhere, and many women had a pair of snow boots on the street, in the mall or in the office, and the “down jacket + snowshoe” was almost the woman’s winter mark. Reporters visited many shops selling snow boots and learned that after November, the store began to sell snow boots. Business stores could sell twenty or thirty pairs of snow boots a day. The style of snow boots was more thick, grind, black, brown, or white.

Generally, the price of snow boots ranges from 40 yuan to 160 yuan, of which low and medium price snow boots are popular.

The reporter found that the brand of snow boots is mixed, many brands also mimic some famous brands of snowshoe, or imitation of high-end brands, which are also well sold. “It’s warm and convenient, and everything goes well.” A woman who bought snow boots told reporters that she thinks that the wear of snow boots is casual and unnecessary to buy expensive, as long as the price is appropriate and the quality is passed, the brand is second.

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