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What does ugg company sell in summer?

There are three main types of consumer groups facing UGG: one is female consumers, they pay attention to fashion, they have their own attitude towards the fashion and uniqueness of the products; two is the elite, more concerned about the quality of life, product quality and brand value; three is relatively young, easy to be influenced by marketing activities and follow the tide. Flow fashion trends. Among them, the most important is the first two groups of people.

Orris Wu, for example, for example: for example, the first group of people, they tend to be more subjective, have their own unique form of life, compare small capital, like yoga, like Bak, like shopping, like to drink afternoon tea, and so on the choice of communication platform, in addition to the regular micro-blog, WeChat, and also consider like yoga. Platforms that are related to hobbies, or they can show their own platforms.

Although their purchasing power is not as strong as those of the first two categories, they have a colorful lifestyle and love to show themselves. “For them, we have more to influence, not to push, to share the experience of the first two types of people and to accumulate the long-term impact of them, and when they have the ability to buy products, they will naturally become UGG fans.” Orris Wu said.

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