Worst Spot to Eat

I’m not in the habit to ruin any restaurant names, so I will not say the place’s name unless someone contacts me privately about it. But let me ask you this “What is worse than finding a worm in an apple?” Wait, did you think I was going to tell you a timeworn joke? NO, the answer to that question is finding a cockroach in an apple pie!

Last week I went to this place that seemed like it’s bound for demolition for a quick coffee and something sweet for the afternoon, and that happened to me. Luckily enough I found it before putting a piece in my mouth and was calm enough not to cause a ruckus. I calmly called the waitress, and she was in shock, she asked if I already had a bite to eat and asked if she could get me something else. I told her to get a Pest Control Company Utica to clean out the place and to take the pie out of the menu. It might have been my duty as a citizen to report this but with it being run by two elderly couple, I refrained and told them to get everything fixed, and I’ll be back sometime the next month. I heard the temporarily closed for the time being and might be transferring to a different location, so I’ll check them out then. If things are still terrible, I won’t hesitate to post their name online and notify the health department.